It is not luck!

Posted February 28, 2017 By JT

I’m not lucky!

I am so sick of people telling me how lucky I am to have become successful. Luck is the direct product of hard work. You need to be working and prepared to act upon “lucky” situations that become available; more importantly, you have to have enough knowledge to identify these opportunities.  Unless you plan on being a lottery winner, Power ball odds are one in nearly 300,000,000 for the jackpot, you need to work hard and smart.

I’m always learning, listening to audiobooks reading and searching up different business topics that I feel may be relevant for my success. Half of what you read will eventually become friendly reminders about what you should be doing but the point being the ongoing learning inspires progress, results and insurers you were always second-guessing what you’re doing and looking for a better way. We never strive for the perfect system, we work towards having a system that always improves and adapts to generate the results we want. There is no such thing as the perfect system and many companies fair as they chase this unicorn. It’s easy to get distracted trying to build the unicorn as its pursuit is likely more exciting than what you have to accomplish day to day. Remember, ready, fire, aim…

People often confuse luck with work because they don’t want to work.

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The Juggler

Posted June 9, 2015 By Jason Traviss

From time to time many entrepreneurs have a number of irons in the fire in addition to their focus on their core business.

Success will be determined on your ability to focus on your core business as well as the various other items that can potentially pay off.

Time and time again we have witnessed those entrepreneurs who have not perfected the art of juggling… focusing on the one thing they feel is there golden ticket. Imagine it as the golden ball.

The issue is obvious, as soon as you focus on one thing everything else starts crashing down.  By the time they realize that, the paint is wearing off the golden ball, which will happen 90% of the time… they can’t bend down and pick up the pieces or they will drop it as well.

The result is an income that fluctuates significantly, along with waves of emotions, because they are focused on the golden ball, more so than their core business. The problem can be that every ball in the right light can look like a golden ball and take the focus away from the juggler.

Our advice, there is no golden ball. At least not one that deserves your attention more so than those in your core business. To be successful you must be able to juggle and manage each ball with the appropriate amount of attention to ensure that nothing falls by the wayside.

Don’t get caught up in sales people pitching products that they believe in and can take away from your core business. Remember, the best sales people continuously sell themselves on the products they’re selling therefore it is easy for you to get sucked in to focusing on the Golden ball…



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We had a landlord and things went sideways to say the least.

We were in our new location for three months and they found out that they should have asked for more money.  They therefore proposed an agreement with a 32% rate hike (landed on my desk one night prior to the landlord leaving on a week’s vacation).

Upon their return I tried to speak with them and we were then told that there were people lined up to take the spot at the new proposed rates.  Thinking we were doing the right thing, we agreed to leave in order that they could be paid what they felt was “fair”.

What happened next was crazy.  We showed up at the office and they had to literally taken everything that had any value. There was no one in their office area and we were concerned as we knew they had confiscated many of our valuable items, including items that belonged to our employees.  We were confused as to why this was the case as we had paid first and last plus each month that was due in full and on time; not to mention he agreed to us leaving so he could rent it at a fair market rate.

We then contacted the police.  They approached the landlord and told him to give all of our items back.  He was reluctant to do so as he felt we still owed money as we did not provide adequate notice to leave.  We immediately asked the Officer what the landlord was looking for and were advised that it would be one more months rent.  We then ran to the bank pick up the funds and handed them to the officer. You see our goal was never to shortchange the landlord.  He simply put us in a position where we had no choice but to leave and we thought we were doing the right thing.

We ended up getting all of our items back, contacted a mover and left that day.

Approximately two months later we get an email indicating that we owe the landlord for various costs for improvements that he had his son do while they were preparing for us. Fact is we never agreed to anything, however the correspondence back-and-forth was getting worse and worse and we were concerned that our safety may be at risk.

This guy clearly knew the laws and what he could get away with in writing.  Although we knew we did not owe any money, the ongoing threats and head-space this occupied clearly made it worth resolving.

Typically we would be known as strong minded individuals who would not cave at anything in business if we did not believe we were doing what was right. We always tried to see things from both points of view.  When matched with this nut-job we made decisions that we normally would not consider.

We drafted a one-sided release, having him agree to an amount and sign the document, we paid them to go away. We had every right to sue them for damages that we incurred, however that is another story. By paying them to go away we were able to focus 100% of our efforts on our business and continue to grow at a rate that exceeded the costs we incurred in a matter of days.

In closing, don’t be a right fighter unless you have figured out how to make money doing so.

Take care,


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Failure is not failure.

Posted January 2, 2015 By JT

I always find it so funny how people have all these quotes about failing and then learning from the mistakes. Fact is by trying something and choosing to improve upon it or change direction has nothing to do with failing.

I feel that rather than seeing changes in your business, whether it be something that you’re doing that you no longer wish to do, or something that you simply are going to improve upon, should be considered learning.

After all if you were not learning you would continue to do the same thing over and over; and if you’re expecting different results from repetitive actions, this is the definition of insanity.

Take care and have a great day.



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Day One – Intentions

Posted January 1, 2015 By JT

The purpose of this blog: To provide information and experiences that may be useful to the people who enjoy working.   If you have questions, ask.  If you have topics or challenges, ask.  All suggestions are welcome and will be considered.


The Inspiration @ 40,000 feet: Over the past few years continuing my education while my business partner and I continue to grow a successful consulting firm has become more important than ever before in my life.  You see, I never completed a formal education that had any relevance to starting, owning or running a business; the result, I did not know what I needed to know until questions arose from working on and in my business.


In closing: I hope you enjoy some of the posts and wish you the very best in achieving whatever it is you are working towards.








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