The Juggler

From time to time many entrepreneurs have a number of irons in the fire in addition to their focus on their core business.

Success will be determined on your ability to focus on your core business as well as the various other items that can potentially pay off.

Time and time again we have witnessed those entrepreneurs who have not perfected the art of juggling… focusing on the one thing they feel is there golden ticket. Imagine it as the golden ball.

The issue is obvious, as soon as you focus on one thing everything else starts crashing down.  By the time they realize that, the paint is wearing off the golden ball, which will happen 90% of the time… they can’t bend down and pick up the pieces or they will drop it as well.

The result is an income that fluctuates significantly, along with waves of emotions, because they are focused on the golden ball, more so than their core business. The problem can be that every ball in the right light can look like a golden ball and take the focus away from the juggler.

Our advice, there is no golden ball. At least not one that deserves your attention more so than those in your core business. To be successful you must be able to juggle and manage each ball with the appropriate amount of attention to ensure that nothing falls by the wayside.

Don’t get caught up in sales people pitching products that they believe in and can take away from your core business. Remember, the best sales people continuously sell themselves on the products they’re selling therefore it is easy for you to get sucked in to focusing on the Golden ball…



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